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104 Woodborough - Step Rebuild Concept 3

Landscape Design & 3D Rendering

Great landscapes don't happen by accident. Attention and care must be taken to manage drainage, infrastructure, elevation changes, soil conditions, and Bi-Law compliance.

Our landscape design packages include comprehensive site measurements, scaled 3D designs with revisions, and realistic 3D renderings including plantings & lighting!


Your landscaping is a big investment. Do it right the first time, and let us help you see the potential before we start to build.  

Landscape Lighting

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 When investing in a new hardscape, you should always consider lighting in your plans. Why limit your enjoyment of your landscape to half the day? Landscape lighting greatly enhances the atmosphere of your outdoor space, highlighting your favourite trees, stones or features. It also increases safety both by deterring intruders and illuminating steps.  The investment is always worth it!



Landscape Patio Lighting
Stone Veneer - Guelph.jpg

Stone Veneers

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Indoor and outdoor, stone veneers can change the entire feel of a space. Surrounding fireplaces, building deck pillars, and creating feature walls makes a strong impact on your space.

Due to heavy outdoor demand, our Interior Stone Veneer Projects are generally completed during the off-season (December-March).



Porch Overlays

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The option to clad your porch in thin concrete pavers or natural stone should be considered early in the planning phase. It's a quality upgrade to an otherwise plain concrete porch. Cladding a porch adds 1.5" to 2.5" to the final height of your porch. We always offer this before installing any steps, or landings, as they should be calibrated to the finished height of the porch or entryway.



Eramosa Porch - Burlington.jpeg
Backyard Living - Guelph.jpeg


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A well designed patio should be a true extension of your living space and greatly increase the value of your home. My goal is to create a seamless transition from indoors to out. Taking viewpoints from inside the house into consideration, we can create focal features and lighting that draws your attention and presence to your own personal outdoor retreat.

We specialize in interlock and natural flagstone patios.




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Your driveway is not just where you park your car, it is a crucial element to your overall curb appeal and property value. It is a significant investment and should be treated as so. 

There are various methods of base preparation, including permeable and heated applications.

An interlocking stone driveway is the most durable, attractive and versatile option out there.



Unilock Driveway
Techo-Bloc - Mini-Creta - Sandalwood.jpe

Seating Walls

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Seating walls are not only attractive, but very functional. In addition to providing extra seating, they can divide separate areas of a patio into unique functional spaces or inhibit unwanted foot traffic. They are also great locations to install landscape lighting to illuminate your space at night. Choose from a number of beautiful manufactured wall stones, or natural armour and stacked stone.



Retaining Walls

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 Retaining walls can eliminate slopes and create multi-tiered flat, usable space on your property. The drainage and construction specifications are very important, and should be installed by qualified professionals.

Our retaining walls are always constructed at or above manufacturers specifications, with engineer approval over 3' in height.



Flagstone Walkway, Guelph, ON


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There's an art and a style to laying random flagstone. We emphasize consistent, natural joints with a hand worked finish. Flagstone walkways and patios can appeal to both the modern and rustic tastes.  Always unique, and artistic in nature; Natural Stone will always stand out, and stand the test of time.

Natural Armour Stone & Moss Rock

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Armor stones and Moss Rocks are another effective type of retaining wall.  Stone choice and placement is an art that takes patience and practice. We take great pride in the arrangement of our large stones and guarantee that you will love the unique landscape we create.



Armour Stone Garden - Techo Bloc - Mista
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